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Sword Art Online Season 3

On February 1st, the Sword Art Online – Sing All Overtures concert was held at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall. At the end, the sword art online season 3 and 3rd game ”lost song ” for ps3 and ps vita was confirmed
However date for sword art online season 3 is still unknown..

Sword Art Online Season 3
Sword Art Online Season 3
  • SAO lover

    awesome. can’t wait to see SAO III

  • *First. Waaaaaa saw it on facebook thought season 3 announced it was written i was so happy but still not announced :c sniff sniff

  • Madara

    I don’t know whether I have to be happy to know the announcement or to be sad for not knowing the date

  • awesome thank you

  • hnjohnjohnjo

    saukfhkasfha SERIOUSLY? What the fuck?

  • Sara

    Yay! Season 3!!

  • Sara

    Yay! Season 3!! >,<

  • Eri

    are you sure..?

  • mando

    Lets start waiting :3

  • Nika

    Well since season 2 was two year after season 1 was released…
    I really hope we won’t have to wait that long.

  • fAitH

    can’t wait to watch it…awsome!

  • I can not wait to watch SAO 3

  • D3M0NSH00T3R

    its time to play the waiting game

  • sultanabiyyu

    Yay! 🙂 :3 i want to watch it now lol

  • Can’t wait!

  • I knew there was going to be a season 3 a little after season 1 was dub

  • KiriSama

    YEA!!!!! SAO!!! I can’t wait! plus the third game Too?!?! This IS GONNNAA be FUNNN!!!!

  • SaoKittenZz

    Can’t Wait >,< Will they play another game? Or will they beat Sao? O.O so many questions .

  • Watcher

    I saw the release date for the lost song game and it was 26.March if i remember?
    If Season 3 and that game come out at the same time the release date will be 26.March.
    But don’t get your hopes up yet.

  • Namman

    No. It will be set in the alicization arc, in the UnderWorld……. For those of you who have read the light novels

  • Dark Tempest

    From surfing the web it looks like it will be released around the end of 2015 or the summer of 2016

  • jakefox

    We must have a release date for SAO III

  • Mitrospeed

    They will start after finishing the 3rd Game “Lost Song”
    But yeah most likely very end of this year or the beginning of the next year. And after that hello Progressive Season 🙂

  • jade

    new characters?

  • akihiko

    i can’t wait to watch the Season 3 of SAO.. hahah 😀

  • Kirirgay kazuto

    cant wait to watch this

    • Kirirgaya kazuto

      sorry i wrong spelled my name
      fix it now

  • Kirigaya kazuto

    wrong spelled it again sorry

  • Cool cant wait to see it Ive been watching the series for a while and collecting merch so yeah

    • Rick


  • wow… I hope its soon even tho 1 day is still ages to me when it comes to sao but! THE PEOPLE OF SOA SHALL WAIT FOR THE DAY OF SAO SEASON 3! THE PROFERCY SAID IT WOULD COME!!!!!!!!!

  • gust

    when will it come out

  • joshua

    awesome thank you

  • Asuna

    We got season 3 but will there be a season 4?

    • Totoro

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we only recently found out about a season 3 so..

      • Asuna

        I know But will you want a season 4?

        • Totoro

          Of course we want a season 4. They’re likely to make it because of the next light novels coming out.

    • Kaneshiro Kyoko

      It depends if they can fit all those light novels into one season, but I’d say that they’d probably get at least 5 seasons out, maybe 6 judging by how many novels they fitted in the first and second season^^

  • AddictedtoSAO

    Great can’t wait

  • Kipid

    Is there any latest news regarding 3rd season?

  • Totoro

    It’s coming out early 2016 apparently.

  • Tom

    Do you guys have any news on the film that’s to be released?

  • Kaneshiro Kyoko

    Season 3 can’t wait to see it in anime version. It’s sad that the old characters (other than Kirito) don’t get much screen time since a whole bunch of new characters are introduced, but their cool 🙂

  • kirito

    how i can watch this season 3

    • You cant.
      Because its not out yet so you have to wait.

  • Andyflop Kz

    when i already long enough waiting the release???saoo3////

  • SWO

    I wish it would come out already

  • hiraethii

    I’m so excited for Season 3. A lot of people hate this Anime but personally it’s my favourite!

  • Syafiq Dosuki

    coming this fall?